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Payment Information

How can I pay to Cocky Cater for Catering?

After placing an order, our team will confirm your order via call. We support the below payment option to our clients.

  • Pay at your door Step*
  • Pay through courier
  • Pay through IBFT
  • Pay directly to the bank
  • Pay via Easy Paisa
  • Pay through Western Union


How can I pay at my door step?

After confirmation of order, We will send our representative at your decided palace where he can collect Cash/ Cheque or Pay Order. (Order amount should be at least 25000)


How can I pay through Courier?

After confirmation of order, you can send cross cheque/pay Order at our location (Click Here) through courier.


How can I pay thorough IBFT?

After confirmation of order you can pay through facility of “Inter-Bank Fund Transfer”, IBFT allows you to transfer fund between 1 link member banks using your account 24/7 without the hassle of making cheques and payorders etc. Just log in to Online Banking, go to the "Funds Transfer" option and select Inter Bank Funds Transfer. 1st you will have to confirm the IBFT facility from banks.


How can I directly pay at your banks?

After confirmation of order you can submit Cash, Cheque/Pay order at our bank accounts, detail can be seen below.


What is your bank accounts detail?

Our bank Accounts detail can be viewed below.


Bank 01:Meezan Bank Limited

Account Title:Aftab Hussain

Account Detail:0111-020-1077

Branch Name:Shara-e-Faisal Branch

Branch LocaterClick Here


Bank 02:Habib Metropolitan Bank

Account Title:Aftab Hussain

Account Detail:20307-221665

Branch Name:Shara-e-Faisal Branch

Branch Locater:Click Here


Bank 03:Muslim Commercial Bank

Account Title:Muhammad Atif

Account Detail:0075535151000697

Branch Name:West Warf Road Branch

Branch Locater:Click Here


Bank 04:NIB Bank

Account Title:Muhammad Atif

Account Detail:00000000-00000

Branch Name:West Warf Road Branch

Branch Locater:Click Here


What is procedure to send via Easy Paisa account?

Using money transfer from easy paisa, you can send money from any easy shop in th the most efficient secure and convenient way. The best thing about the service is that any person in Pakistan can use this product and that no registration is required. If you intend to send via easy paisa shop just call or contact us via email, we will provide you CNIC or contact no (which is requirement of easy paisa transactions)

You can send “easy paisa money” from all over the Pakistan through below outlet.

#Nearest Easy Paisa Shops

#Telenor Franchise

#Telenor Sales & Service Center

#Tahmeer Bank

Easy Paisa Mobile/Account number: 0345-8225511

Easypaisa dedicated 24/7 helpline support.

  • Call @ 345 (From Telenor Network)
  • Call @ 111-345-100 (From Other Networks)


If I am out of Pakistan how can I send money?

We recommend Western Union (Money Transfer) If you are out of Pakistan and let us know MTCN number via email or call.

Steps to send money via Western Union

  1. Visit any western union Agent/Branch (All over the world)
  2. Complete the form to send money (With below detail)
  3. Present the payment along with filled form
  4. Get the receipt having MTCN(Money Transfer Control Number)

Detail Required to send money

First Name:      Aftab

Last Name:       Hussain

City:                 Karachi

Country:           Pakistan

Note: please inform us via Call/Sms/Email after making payments. Once payment will confirm, your order will be processed.


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